Our story stems from generations past, and has since evolved into a lifelong mission. Our family immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe and worked incredibly hard to build a new life for themselves. Amid the hardships of starting over, sharing a freshly brewed cup of tea as a family was a ritual that was treasured each day. Our family’s recipes came from generations past and were crafted with unique herbal ingredients used in ancient healing methods. This ritual was passed down to our founder, Jonathan, where he began watching and learning from his mother as she prepared delicious herbal remedies from fresh and organic ingredients. The flavors and the aromas inspired him to start creating teas and herbal drinks on his own. While his elementary school classmates didn’t quite understand why he’d choose a home-brewed cinnamon-apple tea over a store-bought sugary juice box, his interest turned passion followed him through life, and led him to create Down To Earth.

You are your greatest investment and taking care of yourself is essential for high performance in all aspects of your life. It's never too early or too late to adjust your habits for the better

─ Jonathan, Founder and CEO


Whether during a high school tennis match or studying for college exams at NYU, Jonathan was always healthy, hydrated, and with an herbal drink in hand. After friends started tasting his super herb teas, to their surprise, they immediately noticed a difference in how incredible they felt. Casually brewing and sampling teas in his Manhattan apartment turned into a life-changing career move. He decided to build a brand that will help educate consumers about the incredible healing powers that stem from the Earth in its most natural state.

Health is more than what we consume. Health is our thoughts, how we treat others, how we treat ourselves, and how we interact with our environment ─ ultimately influencing how we feel ─ mind, body, and spirit

─ Laurena Patarkatsi, COO and Nutrition Specialist


In grade school, Laurena remembers being one of the only kids in her cafeteria without a prepackaged lunch––which propelled her on a quest to find out why. The enthusiastic doctor within her investigated and became shocked by the unfortunate realities of most store-bought foods. She went on to became an authority on food science, wellness, and what it truly means to be healthy. Laurena practiced and preached self-care in the following years, and decided to take her passion to the next level by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics. Currently, she is continuing her education and studying to become a Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

My life's greatest achievement has been educating my children on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and I'm now incredibly excited to share our knowledge and passion with the world. I hope that our mission can inspire people to treat their bodies and the environment with love and respect

─ Irina Patarkatsi, CMO


When Irina became a mom she did everything in her power to create a happy, healthy and nurturing home. At a time when information wasn’t readily at our fingertips, she did her own serious research to ensure she was feeding her children the most nutritious foods available. When her kids would ask her why they ate so differently from their friends, she would spend quality time teaching them about nutrition through creating healthy beverages and snacks as a family. Irina is thrilled to work with her children in creating a company that is deeply aligned with her lifelong passion of health and wellness and believes she is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your dreams.